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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Laura K.

Well, I think every kid is different, but we had the potty chair out here and th ere and let M try it. When he went we made a super big deal and he was all excited. Then one day I just stripped off his diaper, left the potty chair out where he could get to it, and told him to use it when he needed to go. That's worked for us, but only when he is completely naked on the bottom. We have not yet gotten to the part wh ere we can take him out w/out a diaper.

He is als telling us now when he's gone poop in his diaper (most of the time), and soemtimes even will tell us he needs to go potty when we are out. It's slow and steady, but sloooooow....

Don't know if that helps or not.


Yeah, Ella is still mainly wearing diapers too, and she's 31 months old. We know she understands what it's all about, but MAN she is stubborn!
Something we did with the 4 year old was to set a timer to go off every 40 or so minutes. She knew that the timer meant time to go sit on the potty. It seemed to work quite well, along with getting a "special" potty seat and panties.
I have not done the timer thing with Ella. I should, but I think she will become more interested as she gets older.
Good luck!


Well, *I* didn't start potty-training my son until his 3rd birthday, when HE was good and ready. Had all summer to get him fully trained before starting preschool in the fall. I quickly realized that he had the most trouble with the taking down and pulling up of the pants, and for some reason needed his pants COMPLETELY OFF in order to pee and then couldn't put them on again by himself. After going through this routine a few times I just said "screw it" and let him run around naked from the waist down. Since it was summer, we spent time in the backyard. If the urge to pee hit him and he couldn't make it all the way inside to the bathroom, we designated a "pee pee tree" in the yard. More to get him in the habit of holding it until he was at the right place, which was NOT in his pants. It worked. He was pretty much trained in a week, including the pooping on the potty, which was never a big deal. I offered treats (single chocolate chips) when he peed or pooped appropriately, and stayed home most of that time so as to not risk an accident out somewhere. Then we were golden. Of course, he has a TINY bladder and still, at the age of 6, cannot go through the night dry. Still must wear pull-ups to sleep. It's not a question of laziness, it's a physical maturation thing. Some kids just take longer, and he's one of them. Wetness has NEVER woken him up - he sleeps like the dead.

Now my daughter pretty much trained herself at 2.5 yrs old. Just sort of decided on her own to try the potty, and she did. We noticed that she WOULD NOT pee in the hottub (good girl!) and that was our clue she was ready for potty-training. We started putting her on the toilet before baths, and she'd pee. Everytime. So when she wanted to pee on the potty at other times, we let her. After a few days of her bringing me her dry diaper after she'd take it off to pee, I put him in cotton training pants. She kept dry. Then she started being dry at nighttime, too. It barely took any effort on my part - she did most of it and was essentially done within days. A few accidents here and there, but trained in a blink - both of them.

don't push him - he's either ready or he's not. I think beginning before a child is ready is tortuous and can take an eternity. Give it a try and if Brody is agreeable and WANTS to do it, he will. If he fights it, give him more time before trying again.

Good luck to you both!


If you're not already doing this, I found it helpful to take Aidan into the restroom with me and, as odd/weird as it may sound, TALK to him about everything going on in there. "Oh! Mommy needs to go pee-pee. Let's go! ... Mommy's going pee-pee in the potty. See the potty? Mommy pee-peed in the potty! Bye-Bye pee-pee!". Like I said, rather weird but it really piqued his interest and after a while HE wanted to do all of this too. Oh, and we didn't really sweat staying dry at bedtime or long outtings for a while --until he was staying dry during the day, etc. We put him in Pull-Ups when we went out for longer times and I didn't have a problem with diapers at night. One thing at a time! =)


Hey Kate,
I'm feelin for ya. I hated it. With Carly, as soon as she showed any sign of wanting to, we were out buying the stuff. 2 years and lots of fighting and crying later, she was finally ready and trained herself. With Matt I vowed I wasn't going to push and I would just wait. At 3, my babysitter said - he is definitely ready. He stood in front of me today and said I have to go poop - he did his thing and then told her he now needed to be changed. She said, get the big boy underwear (no pullups) because he needs to know when he is wet and send lots of extra pants and underwear to her house. She did it for me, I just did the follow up at home. It was so much easier. In a few days the worst was over. We still used pull ups a little while at night, but that didn't last long either. So my advice - wait till he is ready and have someone else do it for you!!! :) Love ya


Good luck with that. Everyone's got a different philosophy and plan of attack on potty training.

Despite what others may say or do, I believe it's perfectly normal for boys to potty-train when they're a little older. I admit that my boys were both over 3 when they started. Not that I didn't try when they were younger- I tried a million times without success. The truth of it is, if they're not ready- they won't do it. (At least that's how it was with my strong-willed children!)

Oh, and CHOCOLATE was always a good motivator!

Cat, Maryland

Who cares what's socially acceptable! I don't even want to think about potting training until Butterfly is at least 3. But good luck and buy lots of 409 or carpet cleaner for pet accidents. Works pretty good. :)

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