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Friday, July 06, 2007



Well dangit, this is sooooo late in asking for it, but I'd love that password to "Mom" please, if you're still passing it out! =)


I am glad to find out I am not the only one who tried to get on and couldn`t. I would love the new info. Thanks so much.


yes, please send password!



I noticed it was down... would love to get the info (again). Sign me up!




Hey Kate! Glad to see you're up and blogging again. I would love the info for Mom, interrupted. I accidently deleted it.

Love ya!
Aunt Pam


I would love tohave the passwrod again, it wasn't working the last time I tried....

thanks so much,


me! me! I want the password! :)

we have that puppy. totally adorable. it was Jake's very first, and we ended up buying a replacement and "retiring" the old one into his box of baby clothes and other keepsakes. :)


Would love to have it. i lost it.

Amy Hunt

I would love to have the new password to your blog! Thanks!


I'd like the password, if you remember who I am!

cat, galloping

we have, um, more identical Cows and Monkeys than i care to admit. Okay, okay, 7 each. because he sucks on them and they get gross and need to be washed and we go through >1 per day. plus they're only like $6 each. Oh, okay, plus 2 larger Cows, a baby Cow, and a big (also identical) Monkey. Are you happy now? Anyway... Gatito tends to end up with more than one at a time. Let's just leave it at that. :)

Yes please to the pw, though I suck at remembering to check private blogs that don't get updated bloglines.


Me, please! (I still read... shocking, I know... hahaha)

Cat, Maryland

I wondered where it went! Send me info...you still have my email right?

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