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Monday, May 21, 2007


Mrs. Flinger

OH MAH GAH, I think I'd flipping freak out. I'm so glad he's ok! And .. I just realized, you may have been at the same hospital we were at on Monday? Small world, girlie!

Seriously, though, so glad he's ok. I'll be sure to add "tipping dresser on self" to my list of things to worry about next.


So scary! I am glad Brody is okay. :)

Miss X

OMG! I am so sorry you had to go through that, but SO GLAD that Brody is okay!


How terrifying! I'm so glad Brody was okay.


OMG! I am so glad he is okay. That is just my worst fear. We have anchored all of our furniture, except the TV entertainment center in our bedroom. I will have to bug John about it right now!
So glad Brody is okay!


I am so glad that Brody is okay!! We had a similar thing happen here - luckily when the dresser fell on the bed, there was a small triangle of space left under it that was just the right size to protect Liam. So scary!!


Wow. That must have been soooo scary. I can't even imagine. I'm so glad that he's ok, and so thankful that you'd moved the dresser that little bit. What a miracle! Hugs.


How frightening! Thank God he is okay. If I were you I would probably be looking into bolting the heavy furniture to the walls! So funny that you realized you were still in your jammies! Shows you were so focused on your boy. Good job, Mommy!


Aack! Glad to hear he's okay.

Cat, Galloping

yikes. glad everything's okay.


OMG, how awful! I am so glad that Brody is okay!!!

Amanda Case

All I can say is OMG! That had to be terrifying. I can't imagine seeing him just lay there. I have a little daredevil myself and "knock on wood", we haven't had to dial those 3 numbers.


oh sweetie that is SO scary. My mom says I tipped so much furniture over on me as a toddler, they ended up bolting every bit of furniture in the house to the wall.

A few months ago Jake was trying to get something from the top drawer or his dresser and pulled it just the right (wrong) way and the whole thing came tumbling down. luckily he stepped to the side and it didn't catch him, but hearing that dresser slam to the ground was one of the scariest moments of my life!!!!


OH MY GOSH! How scary! Glad he is OK.


I'm glad he's okay. Scary!

I had something similar happen to me...except I was the one that a pantry cabinet fell onto. Food, a cabinet, and a huge microwave (which whizzed harmlessly by my head)was all over the floor. I never went into my sister's cabinets again. LOL

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