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Thursday, May 31, 2007



Welcome to the club! I like the summer, but some days I'd kill for morning darkness!


It's just not right, getting up that early on Sat/Sun mornings!! Amelie has NEVER slept later than 6.30am. Mostly she's awake between 5.30 and 6.00am...zzzzzz


Aluminum foil on the windows....works every time! :)


Fun for you! :) I say use tinfoil on his windows along with the blackout blinds. Make it REAL dark. :)


welcome to my world!

Try to hang the roll-up room shade as well. we got our from Lowes. It works GREAT!!


I feel really bad for you....especially since my daughters recently have given up their old folks disease and replaced it with teenagers syndrome--staying up later and sleeping in until 9:00! It's whacky. Just so you don't think life is all rosy for me.....I have to suffer through The Upside Down Show!


Oh, that is awful! Tot is an early bird, too, so my day starts early and I just hate that! I am a night owl, and I love my sleep. Hopefully, Brody is just in a 'stage' right now, and he will soon realize sleeping in is a great idea. Well, until preschool when you'll end up having to wake him up!

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