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Wednesday, April 11, 2007



We have a child lock on the inside of our son's door too. There is no way I'm chancing him running around the house by himself in the middle of the night. Safety first I say!


Very clever! You should sell your idea to One Step Ahead!!


HA HA HA HA. that's awesome.

eh, my parents used to lock me in my room all the time.

children have wondered out of bed and out of their HOUSES before (happened in my town last year), it is MUCH safer to do what you have to do to keep them in the house. We parents have to sleep SOMETIME!


I am so glad to see that someone else has done the same thing!! Vasaline on the door handle with the "saftey-kidproof" ball over it works well to!!

Take care


Oh man! Why didn't I think of that.....sheer genius, really. Ella (who is about the same age as Brody) is notorious for getting out of bed, unless she's super tired. Gotta go find some bungee cords......(heh)


Hee hee, whatever works at this stage!!


Two words: I understand. We've had a child lock on the inside of S.'s door since he was 2 1/2 and getting into everything! We felt he may turn on the oven if he continued to get out, or something equally as bad. So use 'safety' as another reason.

Mrs. Flinger

LOL. We got one of those dome tent thingies to keep her in because *I* was not ready to worry about the running around her room gig. (Which she's doing now instead of "resting" before soccer. Of course)

I guess it's ok as long as you're not bungy cording HIM to the crib. (Which I've thought of. Many times.)


OK, that is hilarious! Gotta do what'cha gotta do. LOL. :)

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