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Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Congrats, Kate! Sorry this comment is SO belated!!! Hope the day was wonderful for both of you.


Are you standing on a mini-trampoline? Congrats on 4 years!


Happy Belated Anniversary! Gorgeous pics!

Laura K.

Awwww...Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! I LOVE the pictures! You look SO pretty!


Happy Anniversary!!


Happy Anniversary! What beautiful photos!

Aunt Christy

Wow! That's gone fast! It was a beautiful day - it felt almost spring-like and you were a STUNNING bride!

Happy day!


Congratulations - and you two are gorgeous!!

Mel Leseberg

One of the greatest days of my life. Look at the fun you've had and the joy that Brody brings to all of our lives.

Love ya,


Lookin' good! Seems like just yesterday....today is snowing in Provo with fog. I can barely see the Temple from work!


Happy Anniversary Brent and Kate!

Amanda Case

Happy 4 Year Anniversary! Our 4 Years is coming up in June! :) Awesome pictures, I miss the mountains.

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