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Thursday, January 11, 2007



Oh I am so sorry that something has happened sweetie.

Please please PLEASE include me!

PLEASE! :):)

You have my email right?! It's on the typepad thingy too! :):)


I would like the password please.



I would love the pw so I can keep up with Brody. Jen (the Strange kind) and Kelly can vouch for me :)


Of course I want your password. YOo have this nice new design and everything. Oh -- and I am sorry Brody's ill again!


Mrs. Flinger

Oh, no! PLEASE can I keep reading? Please? With super nice cherries on top?

And PLEASE can we get together and play? Not that I'm, you know, pathetic or anything. :-)


what's going on? all my favorite blogs are becoming password protected and it's making me sad.


Sorry about the sucky people. I would love to have the password.


I'd love to have it if you don't mind. I'm more of a lurker, but I love following along hearing about Brody!


I would love the info too, of course. :) Hope you're enjoying the lovely snow - couldn't believe it when my mom called and told me she was snowed in AGAIN. Crazy weather there!


What the diddly? So sorry that someone has to be a total Meany McRotten pants. Loser.
Anywho.... I hope that you will continue to share your awesomeness with me. XXOO

Kate W.

How else would I get my "Brody" fix?


Hi Kate! I have read your blog from the begining and would love to have the password.If you want to give it to me. I would really miss seeing what little Brody has been up to and how big he's getting.It's sad that it has to come to this.Why do people have to be so mean. If it's ok with you I will e-mail you with my e-mail address cause I'm not to crazy about putting it in the comments for other people to see. Please let me know. Thanks!!

Miss X

I'm so sorry for this, you don't deserve whatever crap is going down.

Please e-mail me the password if you are comfortable.

Island Girl

I love the new look. :)


Kate, I'd love to have the password. I used to have the one to your other blog, but with all the drama that's been going on...not any more!


of course! i would miss hearing from ya! sorry u have to do this! hugs


Hi. I guess you an say I am a lurker, I'd love to have your password but I totally understand if you don't want give it to me!!


Why is everyone being mean lately? I hope I get the password!

Jenni(just click on my name to get my addy)

Kristin-mom to 3 almost 4

I am sorry someone has caused trouble for you and now you have to password your blog now. I would like the password, but I understand if you don't feel comfortable giving it out to many people.

Island Girl

Password please.
I am in the process of doing the same.
Sucky people.


Sorry rotten people are making things more difficult! I'd love to keep up with you. :)


Why can't we all just get along? I'd love to keep reading Kate!


How sad! Why are there such jerks around?

I think you can get my e-mail through this comment. If not, I'll get it to you!


I'd love to have the password.


Hi Kate!

I had commented a few months ago about living in Seattle. Girl am I happy I moved back to VA with all that snow that you guys are getting. My poor Mom still lives out in Port Orchard though :-)

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