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Monday, December 18, 2006


Mrs. Flinger

Ahhh, seriously, I am pregnant and emotional. Must. Not. Watch. Movies. Made. By. Moms. For. Their. Kids.

Happy Birthday!! And very Merry Christmas (late), too!


What a beautiful video Kate!! It's amazing how much Brody has grown - you can see such a diffence between his early and current pics. He is such a "boy" now!! Happy Birthday Brody!


Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

~ Kelly

Miss X

That made me cry.

Happy, happy birthday Brody.


I am the "in-law" and the grandparent that is available at the drop of a hat for my granchild. How very blessed I am--to be able to share in his discoveries, his accomplishments and his wonder.
The tribute that you shared of Brody's second year is beautiful and I feel blessed to be able to share in all that he has experienced in this past year.
Merry Christsmas Brent, Kate and Brody!


That video was so cute! Brody is so lucky to have videos documenting each year of his life. Not every kid is so lucky. Interestingly, I thought it was a tribute to Brody turning two and his accomplishments, not a tribute to his grandparents.


Nothing like a little Christmas spirit in the comments. DUDE, lighten up. Anyone who could find fault in that darling video has serious perspective issues.


Your video is darling, what a fun way to remember the last year. Condisering how quick you are leave Brody with your inlaws, it would have been nice to see you acknowledge their existence in atleast one of your pictures. They do alot for you, for Brent & especially for Brody. Reciprocating with kindness isn't too much to ask.

Island Girl

Loved it.
He is getting so big. :)
Still the cutest penguin ever though. ;)
Thanks for sharing the video.


Great video. Happy Birthday P'Nut!


That was awesome! Great job! Happy 2nd Birthday Brody!!!!!

Aunt Christy

How wonderful!


How sweet! Happy Birthday Brody. I love the picture with the packing peanuts, you'll be vaccuuming them up for years, LOL!


NOw I'm bawling my head off at work. I miss him so much!


Oh KAte, I cannot express to you in words just how moving that video is. My oldest and I watched it and listened to the words of the song, and tears just welled up in my eyes. I know I have said it a thousand times before, but your son is beautiful, truly beautiful. I also cannot believe the little guy is two already! Where does the time go? I think it's like the saying goes,'The years go quickly, but the days are long'.

Enjoy your little peanut! You and Brent are lucky parents!


I loved it, Kate! Happy Birthday Brody!

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