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Friday, December 29, 2006



We have Lauren's articulation speech eval at the end of Jan. She *just* missed qualifying through ESD when they did an "early intervention" eval (0-3 yrs) in the fall. We're now trying again as a 3 yr old. She's still so muddy that many people hear her, can't understand her, and then look to me for interpretation (I understand nearly everything she says, but I'm the only one). I'm hopeful about therapy helping her speech get clear so she won't be the "weird" kid in preschool/kindergarten who no one understands!

Here's to speech therapy!


I am so late! Happy belated birthday Brody!!!!
He and Gavin are so much alike its crazy. They are almost exactly the same size. Except Gavin's head is a lot smaller HA! and Gavin finds out if he qualifies for speech therapy soon. They just finished his initial evaluation.


Head, Paper, NOW!
Do they make hats in Gigantopithicus size?

Kim j

If it makes you feel any better, my boys did not start talking till they were a little over three years old. I was worried so they went to speech therapy. Once they started therapy everthing just kind of clicked. I wish you the best.


speech therapy is fun! :) And you'll be so pleased with the progress. Plus, if it's a 1 on 1 thing, you'll have time to sit by yourself in the waiting room and read! (How sad is it that I look forward to our OT sessions just for that reason?!)



Sounds as though he and Aidan are about the same size--bet they'll make us proud and be BYU and U of Iowa football stars! Still waiting to see the Christmas pictures.....

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